Oh hey. Do you remember that weird kid with the scratched up Huffy, the one with the yellow banana seat and the little horn that didn’t make a sound that was exactly… well… hornish, anymore? The one with the scraggly pigtails and the chipped front tooth who used to ride barefoot along the sidewalks shouting Olivia Newton John lyrics to the clouds because someday she was going to be a spandex and leg warmer garbed superstar too?

I disappeared then too. There was always another move. That was Navy family life. You knew me, and then you didn’t. So nah, you probably don’t remember me at all. You’re forgiven- I never did show up on your MTV anyway.

I’ve never quite learned how not to disappear, but I’m trying! The past two years, what a crazy ride it’s been. Ellipsis was better received than I ever dared dream and I wondered if I had another story inside me. Maybe I was a one and done? Since then I’ve moved to Virginia Beach, I’ve seen all three of my little birdies out of the nest, I’ve walked the Camino de Santiago, I’ve made new friends, I’ve survived a global pandemic and I’ve lost some loved ones. I’ve also written another book. It turns out there are more stories, after all.

I’ll share those details very soon. Quick summary though of where I’ve been- I haven’t become Olivia Newton John. I have become Kristy McGinnis though, and she’s not so bad.

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