The long, hot days of a Virginia summer are creeping in. Along with the usual soul-killing humidity, heart pumping music festivals, cursed mosquitos, welcome sound of children playing outside, and that big pile of flip flops near the front door comes a big announcement.

In coming weeks pre-sales will open for my next novel, Motion of Intervals. I’ve spent the past few years chewing on an idea, teasing it out on paper, and finally polishing it up enough to share for consumption. Writing a book is a lot like raising a child. You start out pregnant, dreaming of what this child will look like, how you’re going to raise them, who they will become. Then it turns out Billy is actually Susan, and they’re resistant to your masterful plans of just how your house will stay organized because you’re never going to be that kind of mom, and despite all your efforts to the contrary- they’re little thieves. They’re not robbing banks, but your silverware begins disappearing sometime around preschool and this trend continues until well into the college years. Intervals stole my spoons. The end result looks quite different than my original vision, but I find I like it anyway.

Intervals, by the way, is not destined to be an only child. For now though, we’re going to focus on it and I’ll introduce it’s sibling in the future.

What’s this one about? Four women take the stage in this story. There’s the narcissistic mother whose name everyone knows and loves. There’s the beleaguered, suffering young adult daughter who finds herself suffering in scandal beneath the cruel public eye. She really needs something, someone, in her corner. There’s the soft-hearted, grieving woman who once served as a gestational carrier. And then there’s Delta. Strong, plucky, amazing Delta whose presence is felt long after her physical body has gone to ash and dust. These four women weave a tale of desperation and hope.

I’ve chosen to weave a lot of musical inference and theory into this story. The title itself refers to this. In music theory, the concept of motion of intervals refers to the way in which the distance between two notes in a melody or harmony changes over time. Another theme that is omnipresent is nautical, or of the sea. One of our main characters was raised in a home of a seagoing man. Another of our characters is a Coast Guard veteran. Except for the opening chapters, this story is set along the American southeast coast. The ocean and all of the literary gifts she gives are perhaps the fifth woman in this tale.

Growth, journey, roadtripping, strong female role models, found family, and the vibrant hues of Key West are some of my favorite things. Motion of Intervals feels personal because of that.

Coming soon!

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