Smart, determined and beautiful; college student and art model Nell seemed to be the girl who had it all. When she falls fast and hard for one of her art students, it feels like everything is falling into place. Unplanned pregnancy will change everything though, and she has to find a way to build a very different life than she envisioned. For thirteen years she and her son Charlie are a unit and her world is complete. That world will stop spinning though, when there’s a shooting at Charlie’s school. As she reaches out via text in desperation, only the words and the animated ellipsis on the phone screen offer a buffer between life and death. Can she save the person on the other end of the messages in time, and in the process can she save herself too?

Readers are saying:

“There is so much heart in this tale that at times it was simply breathtaking.”

“The author has a gift of bringing characters to life and dropping breadcrumbs throughout the story that have you wanting to read more.”

” I read it in a couple hours could not put it down”

“”Ellipsis” will take you on an emotional journey. I laughed, I cried and I had a darn hard time trying to find a place to stop to get some sleep.”

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