First vs Third person [limited or omniscient] As a reader what do you prefer?

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

Ellipsis was written in first person for a really specific reason. I wanted to limit the world, to a world that is seen strictly through Nell’s eyes. A world filtered with her biases, her fears, through her life’s experiences. It allowed a more intimate and emotional experience for the reader (and Ellipsis was really all about emotion, right?)

The downside of first person narrative of course is that it’s pretty limiting though. The “big picture” never exactly comes into focus.

My current work in progress is going the third person direction. There’s a physical journey involved, rather than just an emotional one. We’re getting out of a main character’s head- and into the broader world around them. I’m having fun playing around right now with that world broadening.

Ironically enough, I chose to write Ellipsis in first person, but as a reader I usually prefer third person narratives. There are certainly plenty of amazing books I have read where the authors choice to use first person was the correct instinct to follow and it worked so well… but in general, I just seem to gravitate more often to that slightly less intimate third person setting. How about you?

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