I’m excited to share an anticipated March 1st release date for my debut novel, Ellipsis.

The future looks promising and it’s supposed to come easily.

Carefree art model and college student Nell seems to have it all together. She has an assortment of tools from her ideal upbringing and is crafting the perfect life plan. Then everything suddenly changes when she is faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Motherhood is a role she grudgingly accepts, even as she fears her life is over. Happily though, Nell discovers unexpected joy in her new role and Charlie becomes the center of her universe.

Thirteen years later, Nell’s world is shaken once again when tragedy strikes Charlie’s middle school. In desperation, she reaches out via text to the one person who can give her answers, Charlie himself. When she gets a shocking reply, she is driven to learn the truth. Who was the person on the other end of the text chain, and could she get to them in time?

Ellipsis is a story about love, grief, and trying to find purpose again.

I’m excited to share Nell and Charlie and a host of other characters with my readers!

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